Read Across America Celebration

Read Across America Celebration
Posted on 03/06/2024
This is the image for the news article titled Read Across America CelebrationAs part of the district's Read Across America Week kick-off, the Reutter School Library Helpers embarked on a heartwarming initiative on March 1, fostering a community of readers by visiting the Mary F Janvier School.

This collaborative effort created a unique opportunity for the oldest students in our district to share the joy of reading with the youngest members of our school community. The Reutter School Library Helpers, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated students, took on the role of storytellers and reading companions for the day.

The event marked a significant celebration of literacy, emphasizing the importance of cross-grade interactions in promoting a culture of reading within our schools. The Reutter School Library Helpers brought their favorite books to share with the eager and attentive students at Mary F Janvier School, creating a magical atmosphere of storytelling and imagination.

Read Across America Week is a nationwide initiative that encourages communities to come together to celebrate the love of reading, inspired by the birthday of renowned children's author Dr. Seuss. By extending the celebration beyond our school walls, Reutter School aims to reinforce the district's commitment to fostering a lifelong love for literature.

"We believe in the power of stories to unite and inspire," said Mr. Theodore Peters, Principal of Reutter School. "This inter-school reading event not only enhances literacy skills but also strengthens the sense of community among our students. We are proud of our Library Helpers for their enthusiasm and dedication in making this event a success."

The students at Mary F Janvier School were delighted to have their older peers share their favorite stories and engage them in the magic of books. The positive impact of this cross-school reading initiative resonated with both the readers and the young audience, creating lasting memories and encouraging a sense of camaraderie among the students.

Reutter School remains committed to promoting literacy initiatives that foster a love for reading among students of all ages. The collaborative efforts showcased during this event exemplify the district's dedication to creating a supportive and inspiring educational environment.