Miss Brielle Kievit - Teacher of the Year

Caroline L. Reutter School proudly announces Miss Brielle Kievit as the Teacher of the Year
Posted on 12/11/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Caroline L. Reutter School proudly announces Miss Brielle Kievit as the Teacher of the YearIn a well-deserved recognition, the Caroline L. Reutter School proudly announces Miss Brielle Kievit as the Teacher of the Year. With an impressive six years of dedicated service as the sixth-grade English Language Arts Teacher, Miss Kievit has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning among her students.

Miss Kievit's teaching philosophy revolves around placing students at the center of their educational journey. Her classroom is renowned for its dynamic and engaging learning environment, where students are not just recipients of knowledge but active participants in the learning process. Colleagues commend her for her innovative and student-centered approach that sparks curiosity and enthusiasm for literature and language.

Beyond her role in the classroom, Miss Kievit has proven herself as a mentor and advocate for her fellow educators. Serving as a mentor for novice teachers and taking on the crucial role of Team Leader for the sixth-grade liberal arts department, she has been instrumental in creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Her leadership extends to various committees, including the School Leadership Committee, District ELA Committee, and District Leadership Committee.

One of Miss Kievit's remarkable qualities is her dedication to continuous improvement. Routinely providing insightful perspectives and thoughtful methods, she actively contributes to the enhancement of both the school and district. Her commitment to staying informed about the latest educational practices showcases her desire to offer the best possible education to her students.

Mr. Theodore Peters, the Principal of Reutter School, spoke highly of Miss Kievit's contributions, stating, "Miss Kievit is a phenomenal educator who cultivates instructional opportunities to meet the unique learning and developmental needs of all her students. She is always reflecting on her pedagogy and researching the most up-to-date and best practices to enhance her instruction."

In addition to her professional achievements, Miss Kievit possesses a remarkable ability to build meaningful connections. Described by a colleague as someone who "makes other people want to be better," she establishes strong rapport not only with students but also with parents and families. This ability to create a positive and supportive community around her further enhances the overall educational experience at Caroline L. Reutter School.

The Caroline L. Reutter School community takes great pride in celebrating Miss Brielle Kievit as the Teacher of the Year. Her passion for teaching, commitment to excellence, and leadership within the educational community make her a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious honor. Congratulations, Miss Kievit, on this well-earned recognition!

Miss Kievit received her Bachelor’s Degree from Stockton University in Elementary Education and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.