Mr. Dobzanski: STAR Faculty Member of the Month

Reutter School Shines a Spotlight on Mr. Dylan Dobzanski: STAR Faculty Member of the Month
Posted on 12/04/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Reutter School Shines a Spotlight on Mr. Dylan Dobzanski: STAR Faculty Member of the MonthIn a celebration of excellence and dedication, Reutter School is thrilled to announce Mr. Dylan Dobzanski as the STAR Faculty Member of the Month for November 2023. Serving as a special education math teacher for the past four academic years, Mr. Dobzanski has consistently demonstrated an exceptional commitment to his students and colleagues.

Nominated by his peer, Mrs. Susan Leonchuck, Mr. Dobzanski stands out for his remarkable insight and approach to teaching. Mrs. Leonchuck expressed, "His insight and approach have been simple, clear, and precise. His direct yet relaxed approach to certain situations has had a calming effect not only for the students but for me too." This acknowledgment speaks volumes about Mr. Dobzanski's ability to navigate challenges with a composed and effective approach, making a positive impact not only on his students but on the entire school community.

What sets Mr. Dobzanski apart is his kind and caring demeanor, creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Mrs. Leonchuck further highlighted, "I have seen first hand this person’s kind and caring demeanor. He makes each child feel that he or she is important at that moment." This personalized approach is a testament to Mr. Dobzanski's dedication to the well-being and individual needs of every student in his care.

Beyond academic achievements, Mr. Dobzanski's ability to connect with his students on a personal level is truly commendable. Mrs. Leonchuck emphasized, "The kids just love talking to our colleague, and the attention our colleague gives to them. The kids always walk away with a smile!" This positive impact on students' lives extends far beyond the classroom, fostering a love for learning and creating lasting memories.

The STAR Faculty Member of the Month recognition is a well-deserved honor for Mr. Dylan Dobzanski, highlighting his outstanding contributions to Reutter School. His dedication, empathy, and passion for teaching make him an invaluable asset to the school community.