Student Council


The Student Council will be coordinating a service learning project focused on creating thanksgiving Care packages for New Jersey soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Items will be collected starting the second week of school through the Columbus Day break. In order to provide an extra incentive to donate items, a pizza party to a fifth and sixth grade class who donated the most items. Letters will also be drafted during the students’ social studies classes, which will be included in the care packages. Items will be collected during homeroom and enrichment on a daily basis.

Listed below are suggested items for the project:

(travel size, please)

Deodorant Razors

Shaving Cream (boxes) Q-tips

Band-aids Chap Stick

Baby & Foot Powder Sun Block

Tissues (travel pack) Bug Spray

Moisturizer Cotton Balls

Toothpaste Toothbrush

Cough Drops Moleskin

Shoe Insole Cushions Nail Files

Multi Vitamins Tylenol

Aspirin Packets DVD Movies

Feminine Hygiene Products

Batteries (“AA”, “AAA”, “C”)

Video Games Pens

Mechanical Pencils Frisbees

Word Search & Crossword Puzzles

Stationary & Envelopes

Board Games Whiffle Balls

Nerf Footballs Flash Drives


Home-Baked Food

VHS Tapes

Expired Food Matches

Hard-Covered Books Lighters

Glass Bottles Weapons

Aerosol Cans and Sprays