Kelly Brown is Reutter Teacher of the Year!

Kelly Brown is Reutter Teacher of the Year!
Posted on 11/24/2020
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Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Brown for Being Selected as the Reutter School Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Kelly Brown has been selected as the Caroline L. Reutter School Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Brown, who is currently in her fifteenth year of being an educator, teaches sixth grade mathematics at Reutter School.  According to school principal Mr. Theodore Peters, “Mrs. Brown is a phenomenal educator within our school as she serves as the Team Leader (Department Chair) of the Sixth Grade STEM Department.  Within her classroom, Mrs. Brown routinely develops enthralling lessons that challenge the intellectual ability of her students.  Whether it is through a series of problem based learning collaborative assignments or providing remedial assistance to our basic skills students, Mrs. Brown delivers student – centered differentiated instructional opportunities to our students.”

Mrs. Brown’s colleagues have claimed that “(she) is one of the most inspiring educators with whom I have had the pleasure of working.   Kelly things outside the box.  She is very solution driven both in the way she designs lessons and the outcomes that she expects.  She does not get hung up on the problems the kids may face when they are introduced to a new concept, but instead, she is forward thinking about how she can solve these problems before they even happen.  She presents information to her students in ways they can understand and teaches them strategies that will last far beyond their years with her.”

Mrs. Brown has contributed to the profession by serving as a cooperating teacher for collegiate junior and senior year student teachers.  Through this role, Mrs. Brown has modeled effective instructional practices and also provided mentoring to student teachers.  She also has served as a mentor for novice teachers within the school while assisting them through their first year of being an educator.

In addition to her strong instructional abilities, Mrs. Brown has demonstrated her strong ability to be a teacher leader within the school.  As the Team Leader for the Sixth Grade STEM Department, Mrs. Brown facilitates weekly professional learning community meetings with her colleagues.  Mrs. Brown has been successfully utilizing the Connected Action Roadmap process as a continuous method of analyzing student assessment data and the effectiveness of her department’s curriculum as a catalyst to promote student learning and professional growth of her department.  In addition to her departmental responsibilities, Mrs. Brown also serves on the School Leadership Committee where she is integral in a distributed leadership method to lead school-wide programs and make decisions that directly impact the school.  Mrs. Brown embodies all aspects of the teacher leader standards through the devotion that she displays to the school and her students.

Mrs. Brown obtained her Master of Education in Teacher Leadership: Middle School Math Concentration from Rowan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Ramapo College of New Jersey.