Life Skills Training at Reutter School

Life Skills Training at Reutter School
Posted on 01/29/2020
Life Skills Training at Reutter 2020

Reutter School is pleased to be working along with the Southwest Council in order to provide a Life Skills Training to our sixth grade students as part of their health lessons. 

The main focus of this training is the development of important personal and social skills. The students improve their general competence which in turn helps them in situations where peer pressure may be an issue.

Topics covered by the Life Skills Training include:

* Self Image and Self Improvement

* Making Decisions

* Smoking: Myths and Realities

* Alcohol: Myths and Realities

* Marijuana: Myths and Realities

* Advertising

* Violence and the Media

* Coping with Anxiety

* Coping with Anger

* Communication Skills

* Social Skills

* Resolving Conflicts