Administrators Present at the NJPSA Conference

Administrators Present at the NJPSA Conference
Posted on 10/23/2017
Administrators Present at the NJPSA ConferenceDistrict Administrators  Jaime Doldan, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction; Theodore Peters, Principal; , Richard Carr, Instructional Supervisor presented "Developing Effective Communications Structures within Your District and School" during the NJPSA/FEA 2017 Conference last week.

Below is a description of the presentation:
Over the past year and a half, we have been very fortunate to be a pilot school for the Connected Action Roadmap through FEA and the NJDOE. During this enriching experience, our district and school have been integrating PLCs and establishing effective communication methods. We pride ourselves with instilling teacher leadership and developing common goals while collaborating between administration and certificated staff. This session will address methods of enhancing leadership skills and improving the culture and climate of a school through the enhancement of collective leadership and communication.
The presentation will focus on the successful, multifaceted methods that our district and school uses to draft thoughts, make decisions, and communicate information. This method supports the use of the Connected Action Roadmap model where the professional learning communities in a school serve as the primary basis for individual teacher and staff information sharing. This session will explain the success stories, positive results, and hurdles that we have faced. The program will provide participants with additional ways of communicating ideas and new concepts, cultivating teacher leaders, and strengthening the organizational structure and purpose of professional learning communities.